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Community Language School

“Dr Petar Beron” Bulgarian Community Language School

The Bulgarian Community Language School in Sydney “Dr Petar Beron” provides comprehensive Bulgarian language studies in authentic cultural and traditional environment. Classes start from Kindergarten and go all the way through to Year 7. The school welcomes children temporarily residing in Sydney.

The School is fully accredited by NSW Department of Education, Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and is a member of NSW Federation of Community Language Schools.

Our teachers Mrs Marina Mileva, Mrs Larisa Nakova, Mrs Nina Nouneva, Mrs Maria Dostinova-Samardjieva, Mrs Teodora Zanesheva- Karamanlieva and Mr Ivaylo Karamanliev have successfully completed their Diplomas and Certificates in Language Teaching with University of Sydney and graduated from Bulgarian or other universities.

Benefits of the

The aim of the school is to develop key language skills - speaking and listening, reading and writing, and foster love of language and culture by providing programs that include traditional music, dances and rituals.  The school curriculum is seen as something that is co-constructed to meet the needs and interests of the child.   The school encourages community wide participation in the equitable and effective education of children and embraces and anticipates constant change and evolution.

​Benefits of Bilingualism

  • Bilingual children find it much easier and quicker to learn other languages

  • Learning a language is a great way to keep the brain healthy and sharp

  • The effect of bilingualism can help improve a child’s educational development, cognitive functions, social skills, literacy and emotional skills that have positive effects for many years

  • Increased awareness of other cultures

  • Improved competitiveness in the job market

  • Improved social life, opening whole new range of social opportunities

  • Raising bilingual children can create strong family and cultural bonds

Creative Kids Vouchers 

The Bulgarian Community Language School is a registered provider for the Creative Kids Program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills. 

To enrol a student, please click ENROLMENT button and complete the electronic form until the end. Mandatory fields are marked with *.
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After enrolling a student, you can fill in the payment form on the school's page and pay the amount intended for your child via the PAY direct payment button.
Before proceeding to payment with a voucher, please prepare to upload the received voucher document.

Completing this payment form does not constitute enrolling a student.
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Location and Opening Times

OPEN: Every School Term (NSW Eastern Division)

Sunday 10:00am - 12:00pm

ADDRESS: 250 Willoughby Road, Naremburn NSW 2065

For Language School enquires, please send an email to,

alternatively, fill out the enquiry form (below).

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