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Gold Ribbon

Charities 2022

Donations raised to date = $1020


Karlovo is family accommodation centre for children. This living environment assists in the full growth and development of children & youth deprived of parental care. We help create opportunities for an equal start for full social inclusion.

Karlovo's belives that every child needs love and support. Until this happens, children need a supportive environment with opportunities to build a meaningful relationship with others.

The team helps organise the daily lives of the children & youth according to general rules. The activities provided include:
- Daily activities
- Health activities
- Emotional & psychological support
- Training activities
- Life skills
- Organising free time
- Work with parents and families


Pregarni me

In 2005, "Pregarni me" opened for abandoned children
the doors to the arts. It is then that Love and Hope entered as well. …because it is the children that are at the beginning.

They created the workshop "Hug me" to give a chance to the abandoned children, to show them what the life they were denied could be. The workshop is a cosy and beautiful place these children like visiting. They meet there with friends – painters, actors, writers, journalists – and together draw, read, make illustrations of fairy tales, make dolls from rugs and angels from silk. The workshop is the place they get the confidence that they can do things. They are taught to believe they have a future.

The children, their dreams and achievements, this is our inspiration, meaning and support. Most of them come to us feeling unloved, abandoned, unliked, they grow up expecting that the world is a bad place, that life is “dirty business”, and that they are alone. This is why most of them want to be strong, fearful and bad. And we teach them other things, that a human being is not alone, that the good and the beautiful is stronger than the evil. Our biggest joy comes from the achievements of four of “our children”: Niki, who studies painting in the National Academy of Visual Arts; Zdravka, who graduated to be an actress as a valedictorian; Anio, who studies visual arts, and Lia, a student at the National School of Applied Arts. 


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