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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Charities 2021

Total donations raised = $2,000

Olga Skobeleva


Olga Skobeleva Social Services Complex is an organization of a set of social services under common management, aimed at supporting children and families at risk.  

The main goal of KSU "Olga Skobeleva" is to support the participation of children and families at risk in economic, social and cultural life in the Municipality of Plovdiv and the region. This assistance is aimed at improving the living situation of the family and respecting the right of children and parents to participate in decision-making. 

Social services support children, young people and families by:

  •  Protecting children and young people from danger

  •  Encouraging children and young people in their individual and social development and compensating for disabilities

  •  Assistance in creating and maintaining a child-, youth- and family-friendly environment

  •  Consultation and assistance to children, young people and families / parents / guardians / who have rights to the upbringing of children in the family 

  •  Encouraging the child in accordance with his personal resource, for the time when there are no prospects for his family. 

Maria Luisa - CSSCF

CSSCF was opened in Plovdiv in 2005 with a vision for every child to grow up in a family. Their mission is to improve the quality for children and family by providing affordable, high quality social services.

Their purpose is to protect children and families by:

  • To provide modern, child- and family-oriented, alternative to institutional care, social services in the community.

  • To guarantee free access to a basic package of services for children and disadvantaged families as a priority by the Municipality of Plovdiv and other municipalities / districts only in cases of sufficient capacity and in the absence of such services in the respective municipality / district;

  • To support and support children and families at risk to build a healthy family environment and relationships, to prevent the abandonment, institutionalization, neglect and abuse of children.

  • To work for changing the attitudes of the society towards vulnerable groups of children and families and to impose a non-discriminatory approach to them.
    To promote the rights of children and to promote good practices for their observance.


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