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  July 8, 2015 

Rodina Sydney - the Bulgarian Community and Culture Association

The Bulgarian Community in Sydney

The Bulgarian Community and Culture Association "Rodina" is the focal point for Bulgarians and the Bulgarian culture in Sydney and New South Wales.  We organise regular BBQs, dances and social events as well as support the Bulgarian School in Sydney.  Our community includes people with Bulgarian heritage, partners of Bulgarians and people interested in the Bulgarian Culture.  As part of Multi-Cultural Australia we aim to contribute and enrich its diverse culture.  We also provide orientation and help for Bulgarians newly arrived in Sydney and New South Wales.

Rodina Sydney News

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Bulgarian Culture Sydney  

Bulgarian News

Bulgaria MP Committee Turns Down Constitutional Changes
Wednesday, 8th July 2015

Lawmakers in the Legal Affairs Committee with Bulgaria's Parliament have rejected constitutional changes supported by the Justice Ministry.

Amendments were narrowly (5-6) voted down in a Tuesday sitting of the committee which comes ahead of a plenary session later this week.

Though committee votes are not binding, they often point to how MPs will act at the plenary.

At least 160 (out of 240) lawmakers will be needed to pass constitutional changes which are aimed at boosting the judiciary through reform in a number of areas, including in the structure and organization of the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS), the judiciary's top body.

Bulgaria's government is exploring ways to enforce independence of the judiciary and put an end to what Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov describes as decades-long dubious practices.

The cabinet is acting upon recommendations of the EU Commission which it has issued in several monitoring reports in a row.

The opposition, however, maintains the latest reform proposals are aimed at reshuffling top judicial officials to "square accounts" and ensure that the executive can easily exert control over the judiciary.

Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Loses Case for Sitnyakovo Palace at Second Instance Court
Monday, 6th July 2015

Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and his sister Maria-Louisa have lost the case for the Sitnyakovo royal residence at the court of second instance, according to a media statement of the Sofia Appellate Court.

Under the ruling of the Sofia Appellate Court, as cited by Trud daily, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and his sister are not the owners of the property.

The ruling of the Sofia Appellate Court upholds the decision of the Sofia District Court and approves the damage claimed by the lawyers representing the state over unfounded denial of the right to use the property.

Bulgaria's former Prime Minister (2001-2005) Simeon Saxe-Coburg and his sister Maria-Louisa have so far lost the cases for the Tsarska Bistritsa and Saragyol royal residences at the courts of first instance and have conclusively lost the legal battle for the Krichim royal residence.

The wave of lost cases started with the final court decision on the Krichim residence, which was returned to the state in December 2013.

The Sitnyakovo summer royal residence is located on the Rila Mountain.

It was built in 1904.

The residence has been granted the status of immovable cultural property.

The Sitnyakovo royal residence was returned to Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in 2003 by the then-Sofia District Governor Olimpi Katev.

Simeon, having reigned with regents 1943-1946 (aged 6-9) after the death of his father King Boris III, was sent into exile following a controversial referendum held in 1946 that proclaimed Bulgaria a republic.

He returned to Bulgaria in 2001 and founded a liberal political party called National Movement Simeon II, later renamed to National Movement for Stability and Prosperity, which won the general election held the same year.

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About Us

The Bulgarian Cultural and Social Association "Rodina" promotes Bulgarian culture, traditions and language among the Bulgarian community in NSW.  For over 30 years we have been fostering knowledge and understanding about the Bulgarian culture and history by organising social events, forums, exhibitions, performances and other public initiatives.  We seek to strengthen the social, economic, educational and cultural ties between Australia and Bulgaria.  Therefore, maintaining a close relationship with Australian organisations and institutions in Australia is of significant importance to us.  As part of Multi-Cultural Australia we aim to contribute and enrich its diverse culture.  Rodina collaborates and co-operates with other Bulgarian and cultural organisations in Australia.