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  August 18, 2017 

Rodina Sydney - the Bulgarian Community and Culture Association


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The Bulgarian Community in Sydney

The Bulgarian Community and Culture Association "Rodina" is the focal point for Bulgarians and the Bulgarian culture in Sydney and New South Wales.  We organise regular BBQs, dances and social events as well as support the Bulgarian School in Sydney.  Our community includes people with Bulgarian heritage, partners of Bulgarians and people interested in the Bulgarian Culture.  As part of Multi-Cultural Australia we aim to contribute and enrich its diverse culture.  We also provide orientation and help for Bulgarians newly arrived in Sydney and New South Wales.

Rodina Sydney News

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Bulgarian Culture Sydney  

Bulgarian News

Prosecutor’s Office Inspects Noise Levels at Black Sea Resorts
Friday, 18th August 2017

Bulgaria’s Supreme Administrative Prosecutor's Office organised another inspection on the compliance with the norms of secondary legislation adopted by the municipal councils for the protection of public order and conduct of commercial activities, reported BNT. 

On 17th of August, they said that the check identified violations in municipalities at the Bulgarian seaside: Shabla, Kavarna, Varna, Nessebar.  They are related to the permits for amplified music played outside entertainment venues.  Under the Law on Noise Protection, it is not allowed to play loud music in the outdoor areas of entertainment venues after 23:00.  Despite those provisions, the check found that some municipalities have issued regulations which allow loud noise until later.

The checks undertaken by the Supreme Administrative Prosecutor's Office continue.

Earlier this week, joint teams of police, revenue and other government agencies led by Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov also carried out inspections aiming to combat excessive noise and irregularities at entertainment venues at Sunny Beach resort at the Bulgarian seaside.

There were protests by staff and owners of pubs, clubs, discos and places of entertainment from Sunny Beach against Simeonov on August 16.

Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov is acting according to the law, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said on August 17 regarding the protests in Sunny Beach following the checks for excessive noise levels in entertainment venues at the resorts.

Borissov explained that compalints were filed for two of the establishments that had been inspected – 10 complaints for one of them and 20 for the other.

“The Bulgarian law did not allow noise after 23:00 (11pm),” Borissov said.

“Simeonov is acting within the limits of his powers and within what is written in the law,” Borissov added.

In his words, this debate has to be moved to Parliament in order decide whether to change or not to change the existing law depending on what the MPs say.

“The law is there to be applied,” the Prime Minister said in conclusion.

Bulgaria will Collect BGN 1.5b per Year From Cargo Vehicles with the New Toll System
Thursday, 17th August 2017

A heavy truck passing through the territory of Bulgaria pays between eight and ten times less than in the rest of Europe," Bulgaria's Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski tol bTV this morning.

In his words, all vehicles of over 3.5 tons in weight will have to pay a toll fee for using certain roads when passing through Bulgaria.

He added that over half of the truck traffic through Bulgaria is transit.  At the border checkpoint, each truck driver is charged a one-time fee of EUR 10 for using the country's road network.

For comparison, passing through Serbia costs a truck driver EUR 70, Hungary – EUR 84, Slovakia EUR 101 and Austria – EUR 115 and in Germany to Hannover - 95 euros, which is on average between 8 and 10 times more than our country, the minister calculated.

Minister Moskovski went on to say that there will be certain compensatory mechanism for Bulgaria's domestic haulage companies, but they will not be completely exempt from paying a toll fee.

Calculations show that the toll fees for vehicles heavier than 3.5 tons will bring to the country at least BGN 1 billion per year.

 ‘’  Bulgaria will collect BGN 1.5 billion a year from cargo vehicles with the new toll system from the next year, according to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, quoted by FOCUS Radio - Plovdiv.

The system must be designed and installed, the Prime Minister said.

On August 12, Boyko Borisov said that the toll system will be built with public funds if the appeals against the public procurement for selection of a contractor continue.

The bids in the tender were opened yesterday. 

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About Us

The Bulgarian Cultural and Social Association "Rodina" promotes Bulgarian culture, traditions and language among the Bulgarian community in NSW.  For over 30 years we have been fostering knowledge and understanding about the Bulgarian culture and history by organising social events, forums, exhibitions, performances and other public initiatives.  We seek to strengthen the social, economic, educational and cultural ties between Australia and Bulgaria.  Therefore, maintaining a close relationship with Australian organisations and institutions in Australia is of significant importance to us.  As part of Multi-Cultural Australia we aim to contribute and enrich its diverse culture.  Rodina collaborates and co-operates with other Bulgarian and cultural organisations in Australia.