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  November 23, 2014 

Rodina Sydney - the Bulgarian Community and Culture Association

The Bulgarian Community in Sydney

The Bulgarian Community and Culture Association "Rodina" is the focal point for Bulgarians and the Bulgarian culture in Sydney and New South Wales.  We organise regular BBQs, dances and social events as well as support the Bulgarian School in Sydney.  Our community includes people with Bulgarian heritage, partners of Bulgarians and people interested in the Bulgarian Culture.  As part of Multi-Cultural Australia we aim to contribute and enrich its diverse culture.  We also provide orientation and help for Bulgarians newly arrived in Sydney and New South Wales.

Rodina Sydney News

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Bulgarian News

Bulgarian Politicians Renew Dispute over Turkish-Language News
Sunday, 23rd November 2014

The nationalist coalition called Patriotic Front (PF) will give the ruling axis 100 days to have Turkish- language news off the air.   

For weeks the PF has been insisting the broadcasts, which have been aired for about fifteen years on the public broadcaster Bulgarian National Television's BNT1 channel, should be rescheduled. 

"Three and a half months - [this is] enough time for such a petty issue to be tackled," Krasimir Karakachanov, leader of one of PF's main parties VMRO, told Darik Radio.

In Karakachanov's words the news bulletin could be redirected to the regional programs (aired on BNT2, a channel established a few years ago) where a Turkish-speaking population can be found. 

Korman Ismailov, from the junior coalition partner Reformist Bloc (RB), later retorted that there was "no serious reason and ground" to remove Turkish-language news. 

However, he believes they can be transmitted by the BNT2 and "cultural programs" could be included to meet more adequately the needs of the Turkish-speaking minority.

Ismailov heads the Freedom and Dignity People's Party (NPSD), much criticized by the PF despite its support for the government.

The right-leaning coalition earlier stressed it was committed to finding a new solution to address the inefficiency of the Turkish-language bulletin as it is now.

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), Bulgaria's third-largest political force dominated by ethnic Turks, says such a move could divide the Bulgarian society along ethnic lines.

Bulgaria Gov't Seeks to Reinstate Rumen Porozhanov as Agriculture Fund Head
Saturday, 22nd November 2014

The candidacy of former interim Finance Minister Rumen Porozhanov to take over the State Agriculture Fund (SFA), Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva has said.

Alongside having headed the Finance Ministry intil early in November, when the new government was sworn in, Porozhanov was CEO of the SFA between 2011-2013, when he resigned allegedly under pressure from the then-ruling socialist-liberal government.

Porozhanov was appointed by conservative GERB's previous government in 2011.

Taneva's announcement comes against the backdrop of a ruling by the Sofia Regional Court that the former CEO at the fund, Miroslav Nikolov, who was replaced earlier this year by the socialist-led cabinet (the same under which Porozhanov had stepped down), was to head the SFA again.

On Saturday Taneva aslo told reporters a number of reforms were to be carried out to prevent illegal logging across the country by creating 137 "mobile groups" across the country.  In Taneva's words, some 1-2 million cubic meters of wood had been illegally cut down out of the total eight million, the volume of wood material annually logged in Bulgaria. 

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About Us

The Bulgarian Cultural and Social Association "Rodina" promotes Bulgarian culture, traditions and language among the Bulgarian community in NSW.  For over 30 years we have been fostering knowledge and understanding about the Bulgarian culture and history by organising social events, forums, exhibitions, performances and other public initiatives.  We seek to strengthen the social, economic, educational and cultural ties between Australia and Bulgaria.  Therefore, maintaining a close relationship with Australian organisations and institutions in Australia is of significant importance to us.  As part of Multi-Cultural Australia we aim to contribute and enrich its diverse culture.  Rodina collaborates and co-operates with other Bulgarian and cultural organisations in Australia.