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Martenitsa Friendship Festival

Please join us in celebrating the Martenitsa Friendship Festival

 Saturday 5th March 
11 am - 5pm
State Library of NSW 

Art Exhibition: Please enjoy the beautiful artwork of Mr Gantcho Taskov who is a renowned artist, floral designer and sculptor from Melbourne. The exhibition in Dixson Room will consist of art drawings. The drawings will be offered for sale and the funds will be donated to Rodina 2022 Charities. 

Designer handmade gifts incorporating the Bulgarian traditional craftsmanship by Daniela Hristova.


Martenitsa Workshop: Design and make your own martenitsa workshop. All materials are supplied, including martenitsa samples. Our friendly volunteers will help you with the design and show you how to make it.

Session run all day from 12pm- 4pm

Enjoy some traditional dance, martenitsa and sweets. Available from 12 pm - 4 pm on the Macquarie street side of the Library.



The program may be subject to change without prior notice.

To Watch: From director Ivaylo Penchev who specialises in ensemble comedies we are pleased to be able to share two of his master pieces: The Last Call & Holiday Makers showing at the Metcalfe Auditorium. 

  Both movies are in Bulgarian with English subtitles. 

Movie # 1 Last Call : 

12.30pm - 2.30pm


The Last Call is a comedy which outlines the stories of various characters who are discovering the meaning of life.

Penchev goes back to his favourite setting, the Bulgarian shore of the Black Sea, to unfurl a story that starts with Nikola, a 70-year-old writer determined to kill himself by jumping from a high bridge. At the very last moment, he notices a young girl on the verge of ending her life in the same way. The elderly man becomes obsessed with helping his young protégée find reasons to live, but his good intentions will soon start to backfire.

Movie # 2 Holiday Makers: 

3pm - 5pm


The ‘Holiday Makers’ is a comedy about various tourists who are stranded on an island.


A group of tourists head on vacation to the Black Sea in Bulgaria. They are all eager to try new and exciting experiences, however in reality their decisions are leading them into danger. After a boat trip out to a remote island, the skipper dies and the boat floats away which leaves them to the fate of the island. The traveller have to demonstrate courage, fear and strength whilst been pushed to their limits.

What is Martenitsa & Why do we celebrate it?

Martenitsa Tradition is an ancient custom, officially recognized by UNESCO in 2017, celebrated in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania, Moldova and other Balkan countries - originating from centuries-old Thracian civilisation. On the 1st of March every year, red and white tassels, pom-poms or bracelets – known as Martenitsa - are exchanged, given to loved ones with a wish for luck, wellbeing and fertility. During the month of March, people are wearing martenitsa on their hands or clothing and once they see a stork, they hang the martenitsa on a tree. 

The Bulgarian Association Rodina Sydney in partnership with the State Library of NSW and sponsored by the Multicultural NSW and Bulgarian Embassy Canberra

Huge THANK YOU to our generous partners and sponsors:

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You can  view the State Library Terms and conditions below:

The Friendship Festival is part of the celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relationship between Australia and Bulgaria 

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