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  December 14, 2017 

Родина Sydney - Българската oбщност в Sydney


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Българската oбщност в Sydney

Българската общност в Sydney е центъра на Българската култура в New South Wales. Ние редовно организираме барбекюта и събирания, а също така поддържаме Българско училище в Sydney.  Нашето дружество включва Българи, техните партньори и всички които се интересуват от Българската култура. Ние също помагаме Българи новопристигнали в New South Wales.


Родина Sydney Новини

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Български Новини

63% of Bulgarians Approve Government's Willingness to Build Belene NPP
Thursday, 14th December 2017

63% of Bulgarians approve the government's willingness to build Belene NPP and 26% react negatively to the announcement.  This shows the Gallup International research made among 800 people.  According to the agency, there is a "traditional sympathy" for the Second Atomic Project.

Majorities over 90% approve the shares of ministries, prosecutors, municipalities and others for hospital inspections and for clean air problems.  Kornelia Ninova's request for a parliamentary debate on the wiretap also comes to support - 74% are "for" and 22% are "against".  Borisov's visit to Saudi Arabia is highly appreciated - 63% approve it, and 28% of Bulgarians are against.В 

According to the authors of the research there is "principle and even inertial approval" on these issues.
On the other hand, the possible return of so-called "real estate" leads to a negative reaction to 73% of the respondents.

On the eve of the presidency 19% of the adult Bulgarians believe that the protests and tensions typical of the last weeks and months, will decrease during the very beginning of the Bulgarian EU presidency.

38% expect them to remain the same as now, and 36% believe they will increase.

Sofia Municipality has Terminated an Order for BGN 40 Million for a Priority Project
Thursday, 14th December 2017

One of the priority projects of the Sofia Municipality for the next year will be delayed.  It is about the repair of the tram в„–5 from Knyazhevo district to the Court of Justice, reports mediapool.В 

The reason is that the contractor selection order for the track has been terminated.  The auction is one of the largest in the municipality and is estimated to cost more than 40 million BGN without VAT.  The order was terminated due to a discrepancy between the project documentation and the quantitative accounts and it would lead to a serious modification of the documentation, it is clear from the site of Sofia Municipality.  The order was announced at the end of May.  Tenders from seven companies were submitted but no opening of their price offers was made.

The repair of the tram line в„– 5 is financed with EU funds.  It is planned in the municipality's investment program for next year, but it is not clear when it will begin.

The final right is the order for the repair of the rails along Bulgaria Blvd.  at the intersection with "Ivan Geshov" Blvd.  They were not repaired during the reconstruction of the tram route on Bulgaria Boulevard years ago.  Now the contractor has already been selected for the "Ilientsi-Gpi Group" Reunion.  It offers a price of 2.22 million BGN with VAT and a term of execution of only 36 days.  The other two participants have declared that they can do the job for 89 and 100 days.  In order to sign a contract with GIP Group, the deadlines for appeal must expire.

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Българската асоциация Родина пропагандира Българската култура, традиции и език. Повече от 30 години ние работим за разпространяване на Бългаската култура и опознване на българската история като организираме събирания, форуми,изложби, представления и др. Ние се стремим да помогнем за изграждането на социални, икономически и образователни връзки между Австралия и България. Затова за нас е важно поддържането на връзки с организации и институции в Австралия . С нашата дейност ние се стремим да допринасяме з обогатяването на много етническата култура в Австралия. Асоциация Родина е във връзка и работи в сътрудничество с други български и културни организации в Австралия.